Make Money with the Most Powerful Chart Pattern Recognition on the Planet

When we created the Chart Pattern Recognition Module in December 2004, our initial goal was to automate the process of recognizing the most profitable chart patterns to maximize profits. Over the past decade, we have added features to Chart Pattern Recognition Module to create the most powerful, most complete Chart Pattern Recognition package available. - Period! CPRM was and continues to be our most popular module with our users. With CPRM6, all of the powerful features listed below to unleash the full profit power of Chart Patterns!


The inaugural version of CPRM introduced users to automatic Chart Pattern Recognition. All 7 Chart Patterns described in Ed Down's book, The 7 Chart Patterns That Consistently Make money. CPRM identifies candle patterns quickly to take full advantage of specific psychology in the market.


  • Forming Patterns
  • Pattern Strength Ratings
  • Pattern Tutor

  • CPRM3

    For CPRM3, we improved the technology to increase profitability, effectiveness and speed. CPRM3 allowed users to isolate specific patterns that they wanted to use according to their trading style. The most powerful feature we added was Micro Patterns - short term patterns that form over fewer than 16 bars. With Micro Patterns, the explosive moves can be identified BEFORE they happen.


  • Individual Consolidation & Candle Patterns
  • CPRM4

    CPRM4 again extended our lead in pattern recognition technology. The Chart Pattern Profit Analyzer was the star of the show for this CPRM release. This powerful tool enabled users to compare pattern performance on past data, making it much easier to determine which patterns to use in their trading.


  • 7 New Patterns
    (including Channels, Double Tops & Bottoms)

  • CPRM5

    CPRM5 enabled users to find and identify the patterns they want to see, each and every day, with powerful new innovations. Along with enhancements to the Chart Pattern Profit Analyzer, users were very excited about the new Custom Patterns. Users could create their own custom patterns right in the interface and see them form instantly in the charts.


  • CPS5

  • A Patterns Prospecting Dynamo with CPRM5 and CPS5, you automatically get accurate Chart Pattern Signals in your Focus List and see the best patterns in your charts as confirming information... The best of both worlds.