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A Special LIVE Trading Event!


"The News is Out!"  CPRM6 is here.  Our team is so impressed with Chart Patterns in multiple timeframes that we have decided to launch a live webinar series showing how powerful CPRM6 is in THIS MARKET.  Even with the market down, we are trading AWESOME opportunities as a result of this new technology.

"POWER Trading with CPRM6!"

Join the Nirvana Trading Team as we engage the current market with CPRM6 – the most powerful Chart Pattern Recognition Engine on the planet! We are seeing profitable setups every day in THIS MARKET, and we want to share them with you!

In each session, we will analyze market conditions and use CPRM6 to find the best trading candidates in multiple timeframes.

You'll leave the course with powerful insights into how Chart Patterns in Multiple Timeframes give YOU the edge you need to consistently make profitable trades.

Look what's Included:

"Power Trading with CPRM6" Includes:

  • The CPRM6 Software

  • EXPERT TRAINING on how to use Chart Patterns in multiple timeframes in OmniTrader and VisualTrader

  • LIVE TRADING OPPORTUNITIES in End of Day and Real Time presented in 12 sessions over 4 weeks!

Get Live Candidates from our expert trading staff as you LEARN how to use Multiple Timeframe Chart Patterns provided by CPRM6 in the LIVE Market – End of Day and Real Time trading.

The skills you learn will last a life-time!

A Wide Selection of Session Dates & Times


What to expect from the Course:

In each power-packed session, we will show you how to set up your OmniTrader or VisualTrader to see and engage the same opportunities we are seeing. This is going to be one of the most powerful LIVE IN-the-MARKET courses we have ever provided!

Experience the Power of Multiple Timeframe Patterns!

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