January 15, 2016


Pure Profit Power

The Chart Pattern recognition Module is our MOST popular module and traders are buzzing about it!

What CPRM6 owners are saying:

“I cannot believe how fast and accurate CPRM is.  I don’t see how I can trade without it!” -Robert M.

“I am amazed at the capabilities of CPRM – it’s definitely my favorite Nirvana module.  The Pattern Tutor is a very sophisticated tutorial and very useful for learning!” – Wolfgang

“If you like and use Pattern Recognition, CPRM is a definite buy.  I think CPRM Module is excellent and very easy to use.  CPRM is a giant step forward for Nirvana. Definitely a keeper!” – Dave

“CPRM is significantly reducing my time to review opportunities by instantly defining patterns I would previously have to manually or mentally layout.  Additionally, CPRM is producing patterns I would never have seen and/or thought of.  It’s an EXCELLENT product that shows immediate value” – Brian

“Your Chart Pattern Recognition is excellent in pointing out tops and bottoms.” – Roel V.

“The new Pattern Recognition is awesome!  It shows patterns that I would have never seen without it.  I am amazed how it is able to identify so many different patterns and how easy it is to see and use them.” – Gary R.